A diary is one of the most personal belongings we might have. It is not just another piece of your
favorite things, but a witness of your everyday life, your views, your ideas and your feelings - one that requires your involvement in customizing - creating it to your very own.
Because a diary reflects one on his characters, his identity, his style, or even suggests his profession, we feel that it is our job to cater that special piece to best provide you with a quality item that combine designs, functions and the passion of writing - from our hearts.

At   , we go beyond the ordinary in terms of both designs and functions.

Be it a journal or agenda organizers form - each and every one of our diaries and accessories is carefully hand crafted. The majority of our materials used in each item ranging from cardboard papers, leatherette or leather to book blocks are biodegradable. Writing papers are of super smooth quality for your pleasure to write.
The beauty of our agenda organizers is that you can add more papers on your diary to continue writing and keeping the written book blocks aside in order. Other accessories inside the items are there to assist you to be equipped with the most classic, yet mobile, means of keeping your life organized with a sense of elegance and practicality.

At work or at home, will accompany you in every occasion and present you just as the person you are.


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